Departmental Profile


The Audit Service is made up of six (6) departments. A Deputy Auditor-General (DAG) heads each department. These departments are:

 Central Government Audit Department (CGAD)
The CGAD, has the primary responsibility for the audit of all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Central Government, including Ghana’s foreign missions abroad. For this purpose, the Audit Service has offices in most MDAs in Accra. At the Regional and District levels, audits of MDAs are carried out by our offices located in those regions and districts.

Commercial Audit Department (CAD)

The CAD is responsible for the audit of Public Boards, Corporations, the Bank of Ghana, tertiary and other Statutory Institutions.


Educational Institutions Department (EID)

EID is responsible for the audit of the following entities:

Pre-Tertiary Institutions and Tertiary Institutions

District Assemblies Department(DAD)

DAD is responsible for the audit of all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies and Traditional Councils 


Performance Audits Department (PAD)

This department is made up of three sections, namely:

Performance Audit

Special Funds Audit, and

Information Technology Audit

Section 13(e) of the Audit Service Act 2000, (Act 584) mandates the Auditor General to audit programs and activities of public offices with due regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources. 


Finance and Administration (F&A)

This department provides support services to all audit staff across the country. It is made up of the following units:




        Human Resource

        IT Technical

        Training and Human Resource Development








Other Units

There are other units which come directly under the Auditor-General’s office such as Internal Audit, Legal, Public Affairs, Quality Assurance, Parliamentary and Planning, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit