Be the light that drives away darkness – Bishop Fr. Kumordzi


Most Rev. Fr. Gabriel Kumordzi, Bishop of the Keta-Akatsi Diocese has urged management and staff of the Ghana Audit Service to be “the light in the Ghanaian society that drives away darkness” and undesirables from the society. According to Most Rev. Kumordzi, auditors are commissioned to provide transparency and accountability, which is a form of light in our governance and public financial management system.
Fr. Kumordzi said this when he delivered a sermon at the Ghana Audit Service Annual Thanksgiving Mass in Accra to usher in the New Year. The service brought together employees from across the length and breadth of the country.
Most Rev. Kumordzi said auditors must dedicate themselves to the truth in other to demonstrate righteousness through their work as protectors of public resources. He said the darkness troubling our society most is corruption, lies and hypocrisy. Referencing 1 John 3:7-10 and Mathew 5:16, he said “Your faith and righteousness as children of God should permeate your daily lives so that your light will shine among men”. As Christians, you are “the light of the world”. He continued, “People have lost faith in our systems but as auditor, you must restore their faith in the society through your work”.
The Rev. Fr. said the mission of public servants is to build a society that benefits everyone. The few who are committing ills will resist and threaten you, but “be of good courage and know that the majority of society is on your side as you continue to drive away the darkness in the mist of the Ghanaian society”.
On his part, the Auditor-General commended the staff for good work in the previous year and wish all well in the New Year. He appealed to all to be steadfast and stick to the principles of the audit work.
Present at the Thanksgiving Service were Rev. Fr. Charles F. Ackon, Rev. Fr. Stephen Domelevo, and Rev. Fr. Andy Campbell.