Capacity building intervention for staff


Audit Service has embarked on a capacity building programme for staff which has been ongoing from October 2020. The training intervention which is in two-phases was necessitated by incessant demand for training from staff and the limited proficiency exhibited during recent promotion interviews.

Based on the recommendations from the HR Committee of the Board and Management that a comprehensive training programme be rolled out for all staff, Management resolved to train the entire operational staff of the Service from Assistant Auditors to Assistant Auditors-General.

The objectives of the training programme are:
i. To inculcate into participants a better understanding and appreciation of basic concepts of accounting and auditing, and the legislative environment in which Audit Service operates
ii. To introduce officers to fundamental concepts of leadership and human behaviour in organizations
iii. To demonstrate practical application of these concepts
iv. To improve the overall proficiency of staff

The training programme has been consolidated into the sixteen topics listed, structured to include learning of basic principles and concepts, practical applications and individualized self-assessments.

 Introduction to Leadership
 GAS Legal Environment
 Introduction to Public Sector Accounting
 Introduction to Performance Auditing/PAM
 Communication & Team Concepts
 Audit Proficiency
 Introduction to GIFMIS
 Introduction to FAM & CAM
 Validation of Financial Statements
 Introduction to IPSAS
 Organisational Behaviour: Values & Attitudes
 Audit Report Writing
 GAS Structure & Reporting Relationships
 Introduction to Systems Audit
 Contemporary Issues in Leadership
 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Management, through the Quality Assurance Unit, shall establish a feedback mechanism to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of this training initiative and how it has impacted on the overall performance and work attitude of staff.