Presentation of walkie talkie phones to security officers


Management of Audit Service has equipped security officers with walkie talkie phones in an effort to enhance the face of security in the head office. The Acting Auditor-General, Mr. Johnson Akuamoah Asiedu, during a short ceremony to hand over the gadgets to the security officers indicated management procured the communication devices to make the security officers more efficient and dynamic.

The Deputy Auditors-General commended the security officers for being visibly present at all times, therefore, preventing theft on the office premise. They encouraged them to use the gadgets to communicate among each other to help them work professionally and efficiently to safe guard personnel and property of the Service as well as clients and other stakeholders. Lastly, they advised the security officers to put the gadgets to good use and take good care of them to last and serve the needs of the Service.

The Board Chairman of Audit Service, Prof. Dua Agyeman, commended management for providing the security officers with uniforms which distinguishes them from other officers and also deters intruders from entering the premises. He admonished them not to leave the gadgets laying around, but to carry it wherever they go as they may need to communicate on it no matter where they are.

The Head of Security, Mr Sylvester Akantigsi Awutebai, expressed gratitude to management for engaging them on their needs which led to providing them with uniforms and now walkie talkie phones which will make them more efficient in defending the premises. He said he believed that the security officers will support management to keep the gadget, and use them wisely for the benefit of the Service.